How Can I Last Longer in Bed and Stop Premature Ejaculation

Men who suffer from premature ejaculation get a bad rap sometimes.  Whether due to extreme arousal, blood flow issues or some other reason, the condition can be annoying to say the least and can also make a man doubt his virility or ability to satisfy a woman.  Women too can feel very disappointed and unsatisfied when sex doesn’t last long enough.

Fortunately, there are quite a few ways to tackle premature ejaculation which is a good thing since around 20-30% of men experience it at some time during their sex lives.

Condoms and lubricants

You can actually buy condoms and lubricants that feature a numbing agent to help the man maintain his erection for longer.  The condoms naturally have the agent on the inside so as not to affect the woman’s sensitivity during intercourse.  Just don’t put them on inside out!!  That’s what happened in a hilarious episode of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” when Larry David turned his wife’s vagina numb and had to ask their native American Indian gardener for his sage advice!

Rigid latex sheaths, like extra thick condoms, can be very helpful in prolonging an erection during intercourse because sensitivity is minimized.

Lubricants that contain numbing agents should be used with caution if they are not used with condoms.  After all, both partners will experience the same numbness.

Drink less coffee

Caffeine plays a role in causing a man to ejaculate more quickly than he’d like.  Avoid coffee, caffeine-loaded drinks and chocolates.


It’s very important to learn to keep anxieties under control during intercourse, if physical causes have been ruled out.  Performance anxiety can be a nuisance because the more the man tries to satisfy his partner, the less possible it will be.  Relaxation and meditation can be very beneficial and a sex therapist can help with this.

Learning by masturbation

Masturbating, without the pressure of wanting to satisfy a partner, can be very useful in regaining control over ejaculation.  Once the man has an erection, he can use a stop-start-stop-start process to bring himself close to orgasm and then stop, wait and re-start.  This will help him to concentrate better on his body’s cues.  Eventually, by including his partner in this technique, the couple can learn to control his orgasm together.

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