Hot and Cold Dips in Sungai Klah Hot Springs Park, Sungkai, Perak

In fact we wanted to tour around Bidor, but after checking with a local, there is nothing to see and do in Bidor except nearby Sungkai Hot Springs.

After having our breakfast at Pun Chun Restaurant, we headed to Sungkai Hot Springs – which its official name is Sungai Klah Hot Springs Park.

I didn’t know about this place until I met a neighbor who was born in Sungkai some time ago. He was the one who introduced this attraction to me. At first I thought this was just like other hot springs where you could enjoy the dips in the streams or pools in a natural setting.

It took us about half an hour to reach the park from Bidor (just follow the signs, heading south). After exiting from the main road, you have to drive on village road for about 15 minutes before you reach the entrance to the park. I must say that the road here is nicely done for the most part of it.

Upon reaching the park, I was shocked to find out that visitors had to pay an entrance fee. When I entered the park, only then I came to realize that the park had two sections: one was hot pools while the other was cold. There was no one there to explain to me how I should walk about in the resort. Not even a brochure. I had to find my way around by asking the resort stuff or visitors there.

There are many hot spring pools. Each serves a different purpose. One of them is the biggest and you can actually swim in it – the water here is lukewarm. It is also the most crowded pool. There are other smaller pools where you can dip your feet, wash your hands and face. There is even one reserved for those who want to have boiled eggs for lunch!

Sungkai Hot Springs

Beware when you dip your feet as the temperature in some pools can be as high as 60 degrees Celsius – or even higher. You don’t want your feet to be cooked.

After playing in the hot pools, J and K insisted to go to the cold pool, the one you can find in any theme park. I understand that the water for this pool comes from the streams in the mountains nearby. That explains why the water is cold. There are slides and fountains too.

Sungkai Hot Springs - Cold Pool

Sungai Klah Hot Spring Resort in Sungkai can be very crowded on weekends.

Sungai Klah Hot Springs Park
36000 Sungkai
Operating hours: 8am – 10pm daily
Entrance Fees: RM10 for adults, RM8 for children (2-11 years)
For reservation of private pool or more information, call 05-438 8801 or 03-2697 9772

Note: This is the second article of Family Weekend Getaway: A Road Trip To Lumut series.

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