Homeless by choice

There are many things people try to avoid doing.

But some of these can give you one hell of a lesson, if you do.

One excellent example is an article I read recently.

Here’s the story:

A house is everyone’s dream and people work hard the whole life to own one.

But not for this actress who has sold off her house – voluntarily.

Her plan is to go homeless for a year to experience life.

She gave up her house (and everything but 4 changes of clothes and daily essentials) and travels around the country by sleeping in a couch of a friend’s house or a budget hotel.

She wants to feel how it is like to detach from madterial possessions.

It’s weird I know.

“The journey has been tiring but the experience has been enriching,” says the actress. “Through this project, I hope to get to know our society and its people a little better.”

This example may be too extreme for some but the homeless-by-choice lady proves one point:

Endless accumulation of madterials should not be the focus of our lives but accumulating life experiences is.

Keeping up with the Joneses is not part of our lifestyle but doing things you love is.

It’s only natural that we teach this to our children.

That’s why I always encourage J and K to focus on doing things and experiencing life.

The best way to teach children about this “secret” of life is by doing it yourself… and ask them to join you.

It can be as big as traveling around the globe. Or as small as flying a kite in the park.

It doesn’t matter what but just do something.

Check out The Nonconformist’s Guide to Parenting for activities I do with my children (not limited to games only).