Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids – 12 Must-See Resources

Halloween is just around the corner. The biggest question for parents is your kids’ Halloween costumes: what are they going to be?

We have found some exciting costumes ideas for your kids, toddlers, infants, babies as well as teens.

To help you save cut down expenses, you can try out some homemade Halloween costumes.

Get dressed up and help your child have a memorable Halloween.


Free and Easy Halloween Costumes for Kids – A list of 9 costume ideas that you can do it yourself. It’s simpler than you think.

Homemade Halloween costumes – Ideas submitted by readers. 15 homemade costume ideas: from astronaut to mailman to crocodile hunter.

Readers submitted easy-to-make Halloween costumes for kids – You can sort by “Most Recent”, “Alphabetical” or “Most Votes.” With instructions. Hundreds of ideas.

FamilyFun – With more than 100 costumes ideas for your kids. Also with instructions on how to make and estimated time required.

No Time? Get  Ready-to-Buy

BabyStyle – Costumes for sale. From newborns to babies and toddlers. Prices range from $9.99 to $30.

Tom Arma infant and baby halloween costumes – Sizes 6 months to 2T. 24 attractive designs. [via Man and His Baby]

80 Styles of Newborn & Toddler Costumes.

Infant Halloween Costumes – 49 designs.

Newborn Halloween Costumes
– Masquerade bunting costumes for babies. 25 designs. Prices vary.

Toddler Halloween Costumes – More than 150 designs to choose from.

Teen Halloween Costumes for Boys – From Ghoul costume set to Spiderman to Flintstone. Some are very spooky.

Teen Halloween Costumes – Mostly for teenaged girls. 22 pages of fantastic costumes. Be warned some might be too sexy for your girl.

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