How I Celebrated My 10th Wedding Anniversary

celebration with balloons
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On a “normal” celebration, we usually give a small gift and card, wish each other a happy anniversary, and have dinner at a nice restaurant.

Though we are prudent in the past as far as anniversary celebrations are concerned, my wife and I always find excuses to splash every once in a while.

And for this year, the reason couldn’t be better. It’s our 10th anniversary!

I’ll share with you how we celebrated our anniversary last Sunday. Definitely not to show off but to journalize the event so that we can read and laugh about it when we get older.

Plus, it is also to share with you what we went through. Hey! Who knows you might find some ideas handy for your own anniversary!

Nonetheless, no amount of presents could replace love, respect, and forgiveness for each other. Remember to spend time together regularly with your partner not only on special occasions but also on normal days.

Now let’s get back to our 10th anniversary celebration.

Message on Mirror

Though the idea was stolen from me, it managed to give me a shock when I woke up in the morning of our anniversary day and saw this message on the mirror in our bathroom. The message was written with dark red lipstick:

surprise message on mirror

A pleasant surprise for me indeed because I didn’t know my wife would copy my technique. Now that I recall, I vaguely saw (with my sleepy eyes) that my wife woke up quietly in the middle of the night to accomplish this mission. It’s the effort that counts.

Personalized Anniversary Poem

While searching for the Internet for anniversary gift ideas, I bumped into a number of sites that were selling nicely framed anniversary poems. It looks like poems are popular gifts.

Since I had not enough time to order, I got an idea to make it myself. With a nice picture that I got it from flickr as the background, I put the poem in stunning white letters. To make it durable and presentable, I got it laminated at a neighborhood stationery shop before giving it to my wife. I am amazed with the end result; it is like the real thing.

Fabulous Italian Dinner

Since you only celebrate 10th anniversary only once in your lifetime (this is just an excuse!), we decided to go for a splendid dinner – something better than where we usually go on usual days.

After some research, we settled at Favola – an Italian restaurant at Le Meridien Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. I made a reservation and asked for the best table for a couple.

That night, we sent J and K to my sister-in-law’s house. This time was easy as both of them were quite willing to stay there for a few hours while we enjoyed our dinner. It is good to have someone you can trust who can take care of the kids if you have to go somewhere without the kids.

I didn’t expect the restaurant to be so packed. Though it was not as romantic as what I expected, we were indeed given the best seat – in my opinion.

roasted scallops
Roasted Scallops
Conchiglioni Marinara al Cartoccio
Conchiglioni Marinara al Cartoccio
Italian gelato
Italian gelato

Two dishes that we enjoyed tremendously were roasted scallops and Conchiglioni Marinara al Cartoccio (don’t even ask me to pronounce it for you); and dessert Italian gelato ice cream. The pizza was a letdown as it was too salty while its Illy coffee inspired tiramisu, the coffee was too thick for us. Highly recommended. Excellent food at reasonable prices with nice ambiance.

Tip: If you are a Starwood Privilege member, you can enjoy a 50% discount at the restaurant.

Surprise Cake

My sister-in-law asked us to collect a cake from the same hotel during our dinner there. She made it in such a way that the cake was hers. Upon delivery, the waitress asked us to check the wishes on the cake. Only then did we realize that the cake was – as a matter of fact – for us as our names were written on it. It was a nice trick… and treat. The chocolate cake was rich and heavenly delicious when you sink your teeth into it – even I couldn’t stop asking for more.

MacBook Pro

Apple Macbook Pro 13-inch 2010I have been craving for a Mac (computer not hamburger) for a few years now. Not sure why but I like the minimalist design of Apple computers. I also like the stability of Mac OS X that doesn’t crash as often as Windows does and it is safe from virus attacks. I guess the one that really convinces me to try out Mac is I wanted to get a break from using Windows. I have been using Windows for my entire life. It is time for me to give Mac a try.

I am very fortunate.

My wife turned this wish of mine into reality. She told she wanted to give me a 13” MacBook Pro as 10th anniversary gift. Woohoo! What can I say! I gladly accepted her suggestion. I already placed the order online on Monday night but until now, the box has yet to arrive. I can’t wait to get my hands on this little technology wonder. Once it is here, I will be busy learning how to use a Mac. Thanks dear for the wonderful gift.

Tip: Check if you are eligible to shop under Apple’s Education Store, you can save a substantial amount if you are.

Update: Finally the box has arrived on October 18 at 12.39pm – after a week I placed the order. The shipment was from Shanghai. Now it is time to play with the toy.

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