I recently received an award

Photo Credit: Ibrahim Iujaz

I am second to none.

I am the strictest father in the world.

For that, I am bestowed a “Mr. No” award by one of the world’s most trustworthy NGOs: my daughter.

J has the impression that I will say “No” to any request she makes.

I don’t know how I put that idea in her mind. Maybe it’s how I brought her up and taught her how to turn down any seduction from the commercial world.

Somehow it’s deeply ingrained in her that I would not allow her to buy anything.

In fact, worse than what I thought. That gets to her even without my presence.

My wife yesterday offered to buy ice-cream for her and she was hesitating whether to accept the offer.

Not that J doesn’t like ice-cream but she was afraid of a potential scolding from me… if I found out later she had ice-cream.

Truth be told, I didn’t know that’s the impression J has on me. Funnily, sometimes despite of what you have done and thought, the kids have formed their own perception about you.

In my case, which totally blows me away.


Anyway, later I explained to her that I am no Mr. No. And I refused being crowned one.

Eventually I want her to learn to decide what’s good and what’s bad for her. I don’t want her to base her decisions on what the daddy fancies. I want her to make decisions based on how she feels.

And oh yes, by the way it’s okay to occasionally break the rules and have some ice-cream.

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