Want to have a baby? Make financial plans for the big day

This is a guest post from Laura Cecil. My dad used to quip that “Babies are like used cars – easy to get but expensive to maintain.” Having three children myself now, I can see the truth to his … [Read more...]

How I Discovered My 8-Year Old Needs Glasses

There is a trend of children wearing spectacles earlier than we did in my generation. To be honest, I didn’t expect J, our eight years old, to wear glasses at such a young age. I found out J needs … [Read more...]

Have you lost control of your child?

One child throws tantrums a few times a day... every day. Another steals things from school and tries to hide the incident from parents. I don't make this up. These are real stories... from … [Read more...]

The Song That Summarizes What I Want My Children to Learn

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Help Your Kids Love Reading

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Top Parenting Traps You Don’t Want to Fall Into

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