Three Vital Ways to Make Your Marriage Last

Maintaining a good marriage is a lot like baking a good cake: the outcome is 70% the quality of the ingredients, 25% the skill of the baker, and 5% luck. Therefore, most of the requirements for a long … [Read more...]

East Coast Malaysia: A Family Road Trip

We decided to travel locally during the recent school holidays. Instead of flying, we chose driving. And we chose the less explored and less popular places. With some research notes and a GPS, we … [Read more...]

Pahang Road Trip

Hotel Vistana Kuantan Pahang We checked in at Vistana Hotel Kuantan at about 6 pm. It is a small hotel but the all-white building is clean and well-maintained. Though it is only a 3-star hotel, … [Read more...]

Terengganu Road Trip

Kuala Terengganu - Primula Beach Hotel From Rantau Panjang (Rantau Panjang - Tanah Merah - Machang - Pasir Puteh - Jertih - Kampung Raja - Kuala Terengganu), we took the coastal road (Jalan Pantai) … [Read more...]

Kelantan Road Trip

We didn't expect to take so long to reach Kota Bharu (also spelt as Kota Bahru and Kota Baru) - the capital of Kelantan - the north eastern state of Peninsular Malaysia bordering Thailand. We … [Read more...]

Having Children While in College: Challenges and Solutions

This article is written by Marina Salsbury. Having a child while in college presents many challenges, both educationally and personally. Whether through planning or lack thereof, it creates … [Read more...]

Ideas for Romantic Dates at Home (that are Easy on the Pocket)

Dates at home can be very romantic and help your relationship flourish even during a recession. You can have a good time while still cutting back on fancy restaurants and babysitters. Try these ideas … [Read more...]