Anger Management: Avoid Anger at Home With These Six Tips

For the first time K, my 5-year-old, talked back to me... last Saturday. He didn't keep his promise of taking shower. I lectured him. Then he said, "Don't talk anymore!" My preschool son suddenly … [Read more...]

The Simple Guide to A Healthy, Wholesome Family Diet

I changed our half-meat, half-veggie family diet to one that is mainly veggie-based after Chinese New Year this year. The change was inspired by Dr Junger's Clean book. Followed by reading up a … [Read more...]

Six Child Psychology Tips for Parents

Raising children is never easy, but child psychology can provide a wealth of knowledge to reduce household conflict and raise well-balanced children. Child psychology uses both theoretical knowledge … [Read more...]

How to Get Your Child to Eat Raw Foods

Why raw? You might ask. Being Chinese, eating raw is not part of my culture. I was quite skeptical about raw foods myself. And eating raw is not an experience that I would enjoy back … [Read more...]

My Review of Britax Frontier 85 Combination Booster Car Seat

Any decision having to do with the safety of your child is tough.  If you're like me, then trying to find a high quality car seat was hard enough - but when your child outgrows their car seat, like … [Read more...]