Ideas to keep children occupied and happy and boredom at bay

Even if your children are good at amusing themselves most of the times, there may come a day when they get bored. That is when parents have to find ways to keep them occupied. Try a couple of these … [Read more...]

Taking care of younger sibling – A tale of teaching responsibility and independence in children

This is the 3rd time she did this, if I remember correctly. I smiled with a great relief when J took over my duty. Just after school today, she volunteered to bathe K. More than happy, I agreed. … [Read more...]

An Eventful Weekend

We never had such a packed weekend. Just last weekend, it was full of non-stop activities. The children enjoyed themselves thoroughly. … [Read more...]

On the road with kids – Seven useful tips

My children have always travelled well. I’ve pinned it to the fact that the first few years of their lives were spent on long trips everywhere as we lived so far away from any centre. To get the milk … [Read more...]

Staying at home for having cough

He was coughing badly on Monday night and my wife thought it would be a good idea for K to rest at home the next day instead of going to kindergarten. The air quality lately is terribly bad and many … [Read more...]

One Dish Both My Children Love To Bits

I don’t know about you. It’s very hard to find one dish that two of my preschool children love at the same time and say a resounding “yes” when I ask if they would like to have it for dinner. In … [Read more...]