Child Obesity: The Two Most Overlooked Causes of Overeating in Children

Unfortunately, obesity is no longer just the realm of adults; this situation is now affecting children of pre-school age and is a worrying aspect.Early morning was not my usual entertainment time. But … [Read more...]

How to Potty Train Your Child in Five Hours: A Review

“Potty train your child in five hours?! Are you kidding?” That was my first response when I first stumbled upon the book “How to Potty Train Your Child in Five Hours.” I thought it was another … [Read more...]

College gossip site under scrutiny

New Jersey prosecutors have subpoenaed records of, a Web site that publishes anonymous, often malicious gossip about college students. Language on the site ranges from catty to hateful … [Read more...]

How to Have a Stylish Home Even When You Have Small Children

It's no secret, babies and little ones like to get their hands on everything. Sometimes it seems like decorating your home and keeping your little ones and your belonging safe, are in constant … [Read more...]

Glass baby bottles make a comeback

Meg Robustelli had heard reports that a chemical in most plastic baby bottles could be dangerous, but she had not done anything about it. That's when her mother stepped in and bought her glass … [Read more...]

The Three-Word Strategy That Diffuses Any Tension With Your Child

Imagine this: Your child suddenly bursts out. He lost his toy to his brother. He doesn’t get the toy he wants. He cries at the top of his lungs. Or he’s taking shower and refuses to come out of the … [Read more...]

Study finds 1 in 4 US teens has a STD

At least one in four teenage American girls has a sexually transmitted disease, suggests a first-of-its-kind federal study that startled some adolescent-health experts.Some doctors said the numbers … [Read more...]

International Child Porn Ring Uncovered

After James Freeman was vetted and approved for membership in what police describe as a highly sophisticated child porn network, he expressed his appreciation by posting two folders online: one … [Read more...]

Child Growth and Development: What My 2-Year Old Can Do

This is the final installment of a series of articles about my son’s growth and development at different ages: 19-month old, 20-month old, and 23-month old. By the time K reached 24 months, he's … [Read more...]

Breakfast keeps U.S. teens lean

Teenagers who regularly eat breakfast tend to weigh less, exercise more and eat a more healthful diet than their breakfast-skipping peers, U.S. researchers said on Monday.The study involved 2,216 … [Read more...]