Teaching Children Social Skills

"No man is an island." Does teaching children social skills really matter? You bet. Helping your child develop social skills at an early age is something parents must do if you want your … [Read more...]

Got Crocs? Be Careful on the Escalator

At rail stations and shopping malls around the world, reports are popping up of people, particularly young children, getting their toes caught in escalators. The one common theme seems to be the … [Read more...]

Bed Wetting Solutions for Children

Bed wetting is a very common issue for children of all ages. It can be embarrassing for the child and frustrating for the parents. To help your child overcome bed wetting, you need to find a solution … [Read more...]

Risks of parent and baby sharing a bed

The death of a 3-week-old Tucson infant in his home Thursday morning shows the dangers of a controversial yet popular practice called co-sleeping.Co-sleeping — a parent and an infant sharing a … [Read more...]

Reading list – 15 September 2007

I would like to share some interesting (and useful) posts with you. You may want to add them to your reading list.Cool Chalkboards Your Kids Will Love – Here’s an excellent tip if you … [Read more...]

Baby Room Ideas Worth Knowing

Decorating your first nursery can be a fun, but daunting experience. Picking out your theme and color scheme is always exciting, but we often overlook the most important part of decorating - our … [Read more...]

Child Growth and Development: What can a 19 months old achieve?

Truth be told, I never compare notes with other parents how my two children fare in terms of growth and development. Because every child has his own pace and unless your child has a big delay in … [Read more...]

Guy Kawasaki on Parenting – An Interview

Despite the fact that Guy Kawasaki had been interviewed so many times before, this is a rare gift. Why? Because previous interviews were more on business, marketing, and blogging. But in this … [Read more...]

September 11th and Love

Today I was in the post office, hurrying to mail off my books to Amazon. I was annoyed at the long line, and slow service. My anxiety heightened, and annoyance set in, until two little angels, … [Read more...]

Family Budget: How to Keep Your Kids from Feeling Deprived in a Frugal Family

It may be good for frugal families, as the title suggests. But after reading the article by Maine Mama, wealthy families can put these ideas to use if they don’t want to have spoiled children who do … [Read more...]