Dating After Divorce: There’s Life After Divorce

Whether you were married for a few years or a couple of decades, a divorce is a hard thing to cope with. There may be financial burdens, disputes over the children and emotional healing that needs to … [Read more...]

Fairness: Where did a 4-year-old learn that?

I go to my mum-in-law’s place for meals often as her place is only 5 minutes walk away from my place. My nephew, Xavier, came over to my mum-in-law’s place on weekends to catch up with … [Read more...]

Sibling rivalry: “I want those pajamas”

“But they’re not yours!” My wife bought a set of pajamas for my son, K. But my elder daughter, J, wanted them instead. Put it crudely, it’s kind of like forced … [Read more...]

Blog Action Day – How Bloggers Can Change the World

My friend, Leo Babauta, of Zen Habits and his gang (Collis and Cyan Ta’eed of FreelanceSwitch and FlashDen) are teaming up for a good cause. They are holding Blog Action Day. A day on which … [Read more...]

Preschool learning: What should a 4 year old know?

I was on a parenting bulletin board recently and read a post by a mother who was worried that her 4 1/2 year old did not know enough. "What should a 4 year old know?" she asked. Most of the … [Read more...]

What Makes a Great Father

I might be wrong but I always have the feeling that in the virtual world, moms are more outspoken than dads. You always see more blogs and websites by moms than dads. Anyway, I’m excited that there … [Read more...]

The 11th Hour

[Read more...]

BMW Sedan Performs Worst in Crash Test

The 2008 BMW 5 Series was the worst performer in new side-impact crash tests of luxury sedans by the insurance industry. The Acura RL, Kia Amanti and Volvo S80 all earned the highest safety rating … [Read more...]

Photos That Touch Your Heart

We always take things for granted. We only appreciate things when we lose them. Before sleep, I always show my gratitude in silence for another day that is granted to me. I thank for the things … [Read more...]

Is an Affair a Death Sentence for a Happy Marriage?

There are two main schools of thought on affairs. One is that the marriage is over and the faithful partner should leave the infidel and move on. The other is that affairs sometimes happen for a … [Read more...]